Favorite Eight: August


August has come to an end and with that I comes this months favorite eight items.  Of course one of my most favorite things about August is my birthday! Honestly that probably the only reason I love August.  Being that I am from Texas, the heat is dramatic, to the point that a couple of weeks ago I was excited to see that it was going to be 97°F!!!

Anyway, here are my favorite items from the month of August.  Enjoy!

Essie Nail Polish in Sunset Sneaks

I have always wanted an Essie nail polish but I have never bough one because they are a bit expensive.  Lucky for me, my boyfriend decided to buy one for my birthday!! I like the color a lot because it is kind of a coral-y color.  I think it is a good color for both summer and fall because of the orange colors, so it is a great summer-fall transition color.  I also love the quality of the polish, I have had it on for almost a week now and I haven’t had any chips.  I would like to add that my job is usually not the nicest on nail polish so the fact that it has not chipped has me excited!  You can buy this nail polish pretty much anywhere, I have seen them in Walmart and Target; my bf bought mine from Kohl’s.

Essie Sunset Sneaks

Benefit’s Puff Off

I love this stuff!! I have bags under my eyes not only because some nights I don’t get enough sleep but also because it runs in my family.  I was actually skeptical to try it but when I got it as a free sample after a purchase I made I tried it right away!! I was blown away as to how much it diminished my bags and it truly made me look more awake! I recommend this to anyone how has bags under their eyes!

Puff Off

Jafra Lipstick in Au Natural

I am usually not too lucky when it comes to lipsticks, maybe it is the fact that I don’t use them a lot but most of the time I feel like they make me look plastic-y and fake.   When I bought this lipstick I was not even sure it was going to look good on me but I bought it anyway.  I ended up loving the lipstick because it is just about the same shade as my lips but it has some slight shimmer which makes me feel extra put together.  I bought this from a lady I know that sells Jafra but I am sure you can buy from their website.Au NaturalAu Natural Swatch

Urban Decay’s Naked Smokey Palette

This is another product that I received for my birthday!  I love the packaging of the shadows, it’s super cute!  I also love the eyeshadows because they blend really well and also feel smooth and creamy when they go on.  Even though this palette is made for smoky eyes, you can still do a daytime look with the colors and then easily add a darker color for a night time look.


Jafra Advanced Dynamics Balancing System

Since turing 21 I have decided to take better care of my skin and develop a skin routine.  Since I did not know where to start I decided to buy this system since it is a little kit.  It comes with the cleanser, toner, day face lotion, and night face lotion.  I used it right away the night that I got it and right away my skin started feeling smooth.  It also looked much brighter and my makeup looks nicer now that I have been using it regularly.  The one I have is for normal/combination skin.  They also offer for dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Again you can find this on their website.


Norcom College Ruled Notebooks

Now this is totally random but I just love these notebooks because they cost like 27 cents each and they are actually cute with they striped design instead of the usually one color boring design.  I also like the shades that they come in because it is usually plain green or plain purple when you buy notebooks for this cheap.  I thought this was a steal considering that I am a college student.


Starbucks Cup

This is another gift I got from my boyfriend and I have been using it everyday since I got it.  It is the 24 oz. so it is big but I actually like it better than my other 16 oz. Starbucks cup because it makes me drink more water.  I also love the cute little van on the cup and honestly it makes me feel cuter when I have the cup on me around campus.

Starbucks cup

Buzzfeed App

I recently decided to get this app since I am always redirected to it when I find a funny pin on Pinterest.  I am obsessed with the quizzes on this app even if some of them are kind of stupid.  I can totally spend hours on this and it is perfect when you are bored around the house or waiting in line.  It also keep you up with the latest in the celebrity world and other news but I mostly use it for the quizzed and the funny articles.

I hope you guys enjoyed my favorites for this month! What are your favorites for this month?

Karla ❤

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