July’s Favorite Eight


I want to share with you my favorite eight items for the month of July.  Why eight items you ask?  Well it’s simply because it is my favorite number because I was born on August 8th.  (I’m almost 21!!🎉🎉)  I will be doing a favorite eight every month.  I’ll simply tell you more about the random eight favorites.  Usually is will be beauty related but I will also thrown in some random things like music or even games that I am playing.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I wanted to try some makeup from MAC and since I needed foundation, I decided to start there.  I was amazed with the product the first time I tried and I still am.  Most foundations make my skin feel oily and I have to put on translucent powder to get rid of the oiliness.  With this though, I put it on and it is matte but it still makes my skin look healthy since it does not dry it out.  I will for sure be using this foundation for a long time!MAC Studio Fluid Fix

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I bought this concealer along with MAC Studio Fix Fluid.  I had heard from someone on Youtube talk about how it does not crease.  Being that creasing was my major problem with concealer I was excited to give this a try.  Like the foundation, the concealer does not feel thick or oily.  It does crease but very slightly and once I apply translucent powder, it does not crease for the rest of the day.

MAC Pro Longwear


This palette has the most beautiful Rose color, it is the main reason why it is my favorite for this month.  It is very pigmented and it is a great color for both a day or night look.  My other favorite colors from this palette are Lt. Brown and Nectar.  I like to put both of those colors on my crease to add a slightly pink touch.  I have been using this palette way more this month than my  Naked palettes because I feel that it gives me a bit more variety in one palette.


Babe Lash Eyelash Serum

I wanted to have longer eyelashes but I was always iffy about products like this one.  What convinced me to purchase it was because Aspyn Ovard would always recommend it on her YouTube channel.  I absolutely love this product because it really does make my eyelashes longer and it is noticeable within 2 – 3 weeks.  It does not irritate my eyes at all and I apply this with or without my contacts in.  I strongly recommend this product!

Babe Lash

Pantene Rizos Definidos Hair Cream

I found this hair product in Mexico, and sadly I can only get it over there.  It helps keep my curls pretty and frizz free. I am sure there is the U.S. version of this product so if I find it I will let you all know.  While in Mexico I felt that my hair was just a frizzy mess and I just did not like it even though I had just gotten a haircut.  I gave this product a try and it works wonders.  After I shower I like to mix it with some mousse and apply it and once I wake up in the morning I have frizz-free hair.

Hair Cream

Marina & the Diamonds

I have been obsessing over her music, I bought her first album and instantly loved it so I bought the other two right away! My favorite song from her at the moment is a tie between Obsessions from  The Family Jewels and Froot from FROOT.  It is pop with an edge, which is probably why I love it so much since my favorite genre is indie rock and indie pop.

Flip Pix Game

I am addicted to this puzzle game and honestly I have a hard time describing it so I will try my best.  The boards range from 5×5 to 20×20.  On the side it gives you a number and that is the amount that is supposed to be green, in the end it reveals a picture.  It is $1.99 on iTunes and it is the only game that I will buy without debating if I need it.

A solved puzzle in the 5x5 board.

A solved puzzle in the 5×5 board.

True Blood

This is my favorite show and while it is rather inappropriate I find it interesting.  I actually realized that I if could be any supernatural being I would want to be a vampire (and yes, I love the Twilight Saga!! )  I am actually watching for the second time even though I just finished the series in June.  It is an HBO series so like I said, not the most appropriate but it is very interesting!

Well that was my Favorite Eight for July! Let me know if any of these are also your favorite!

Karla ❤

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